Advisor to Chairperson of the Board of the Cluster

Yuri Antonov – Doctor of Engineering, Professor of the Department of Theoretical Bases of Electrical Engineering at Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (PSTU)

1995 – 1960 – Naval Engineering High School named after F.E. Dzherzinskiy, speciality “Electrical Equipment of Submarines with Special Power Generating Systems (Nuclear Reactor)”.

1960 – 1968 – Service in the Military-Maritime Fleet of Russian Federation. Veteran of the highest risk unit.

1968 – 1971 – Full-time postgraduate study in Institute of Electromechanics of Russian Academy of Science USSR.

1973 – Defense of the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of technical sciences on the speciality (PhD).

1972-1978 – Lenin and Red Labour Banner Leningrad State Transport University named after A.A. Zhadanov, speciality “Mathematics”.

1971 – 1991 – All-Union Scientific and Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Superconductivity, senior research scientist.

1991 – 2008 – Department (Institute) of Electrical Power Problems, Russian Academy of Science, leading research scientist.

1998 – 2004 – Chairman of the Municipal Council – Chief executive of the municipal entitle – Chief executive of the administration of municipal entitle “Krasnen’kaya rechka”, Saint Petersburg. (In parallel leading research scientist in Department (Institute) of Electrical Power Problems, Russian Academy of Science).

2008 -2012 – Institute of Silicate Chemistry, Russian Academy of Science, Laboratory of Chemical Energetics and Ecology, senior research scientist.

2011 – Award of the Doctor of technical sciences on the speciality 05.09.01 “Electromechanics and Electrical Components”. Thesis topic – “Superconducting Topological Electrical Machinery and Converters”.

2011 – 2012 – Academic secretary of the Academic Council of the Russian Academy of Science on the complex problem “Electric Power Engineering, Electrophysics and Electrical Engineering”.

2012 – Till present – Federal State Budget Education Institution of Higher Education “Emperor Alexander I St.Petersburg State Transport University” (PSTU), professor of the Department of Theoretical Bases of Electrical Engineering, head of the scientific and research laboratory “Magnetic Levitation Transport Systems”, Scientific and Educational Centre for Innovative Development of Passenger Transportation of PSTU.

Since 2014 – Federal expert in a wide rage range of issues relating to physics, applied superconductivity, electrical machinery, sustainable and clean energy.

Main field of scientific and managerial activity at present is elaboration of Conception and Strategy of development of megapolis energetics and implementation of maglev transport technology on the example of commercial project “Petro —Maglev” in Saint-Petersburg.

Personal contribution to the Russian science and innovative activities:
• Numerical implementation of regularization method for solving severely ill-posed problem of computation of synthesis of superconducting maglev systems with predetermined maglev field distribution in the working volume;
• Construction and commercial operation of the world’s first cryoturbogenerator KTG-20 with a capacity of 20 mW with superconducting charge coil;
Establishment of scientific field dealing with a problem of current lead into superconducting apparatus.
• Production of major components, installation and testing of model sample of the cryoturbogenerator with brushless excitation system based on a topological generator;
• Development and complex testing including those in standard operating modes of the installation series in the amount of 100 units of supercinducting topological generators with a wide range of ratings spectrum. In 2004 – 2005 put into operation 4 mini HPP units with 600 kW capacity in the cascades of Sulak Hydropower Plants, Republic of Dagestan.

Since 2014 – Deputy Chief Editor – scientific editor of the scientific journal “Transportation Systems and Technology”

Awards: Three government awards for honorable service in the Armed Forces of the USSR, Inventor of the USSR insignia, Gold medal of VDNKH for design of superconducting topological generators.

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