V annual scientific conference “Maglev transport systems and technologies”

The subject of the Conference is connected with fundamental researches carried out by RFBR in the interests of JSC “RZD” (the Technological Platform “Intellectual High-Speed Rail Transport”).

The basic scope of the Conference includes:

1.   Magnetic levitation transport:  status quo.
2.   Levitation and lateral stabilisation systems.
3.   Linear traction motors, active guidance structure and traction substations.
4.   Superconductor and permanent magnets.
5.   Urban passenger and intercity maglev transport.
6.   Freight mainline and conveyor maglev transport.
7.   Strategy of multidirection development of maglev transport.
8.   Flyovers and bridges.
9.   Ecological and sanitary regulations and their technical provision.
10. Economic aspects.