Workshop “Discussion of outcomes of the International Conference Maglev 2016”

On October 18th, 2016 the workshop “Outcomes of the XXIII International Conference Maglev 2016” took place at Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS).

During the workshop, results of the work of the Russian delegation in the Conference Maglev 2016 were dwelt upon and the plans concerning the Conference Maglev 2018, which will take place in Russia, were discussed. The participants of the workshop discussed the necessity of establishment of a demonstrative testing ground for the freight maglev technology and possibilities for realisation of this project within “Russian Maglev” Project.

During Maglev 2016, the Russian delegation specialists presented a number of ambitious and ingenious ideas, which were positively accepted by world-famous experts. Russian maglev transport infrastructure elaborations drew attention of both scientific and commercial institutions. Russia earned its place in the international Maglev community.

The International Maglev Board, the IMB, consists of world-famous scientists, engineers and experts in transport sphere. Its members constitute the International Organisational Committee of the Conference. Apart from it, there are also national organisational committees. International Maglev conferences are held, as a rule, in the countries where maglev technology was implemented practically.

The work of the IMB focuses on accommodation of social interests: interdisciplinary and scientific maintenance of social welfare and sustainable transport mobility of population. One of its scopes – promotion of maglev transport technologies.

The IMB members share view of maglev systems being topical and significant transport technology of tomorrow. However, they also recommend considering ideas of certain systems, new technical solutions, because they form basic parts of constructive and critic discussion. Special opinions of those who also would like to participate in a constructive discussion on advantages of competitive maglev transport systems would be welcomed too.

In September 2018, the participants of the Conference Maglev headed by the IMB will come to Russia. In the discussion on cooperation between the IMB and Russia the representatives and heads of the interested organisations took place: Joint Stock Company «D.V.Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus, Novtex-SPb Research Company, Saint Petersburg Engineering Academy, JSC “Granite”, the Ioffe Institute, LLC “BiznesAvtomatika”, Central Research Institute of Marine Engineering, October Railway, and heads of PGUPS Departments. The Head of the Project “Russian Maglev” Prof. Anatoly Zaitsev expressed his wish that all efforts of scientists and workers should be consolidated. Many of the attendees found their own places in realisation of the Project “Russian Maglev”.

Consolidation of efforts of the workshop participants, supported by Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast Governments will make it possible to realise construction of magnetically suspended containers and passengers transport line, thus embodying the national technology of maglev transport “Russian Maglev”.