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Ms. Iana Sokolova — Candidate of Economic Science (PhD), MBA, Deputy Head of the Scientific and Educational Centre for Innovative Development of Passenger Transportation (SECIDPT) at Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS), Head of the Innovative Transport Development Laboratory at PGUPS.

Ms. Sokolova is an alumnus of Saint Petersburg Institute of Trade and Commerce. In 2006, she obtained MBA at International Management Institute Saint Petersburg (IMISP). In 2015, she defended her PhD thesis “Project Management in Innovative Development of Passenger Railway Company” and is currently working on Doctor Degree thesis “Economic Methods of Innovative Processes Management in Transport Company”.

2018—now— Member of the International Editorial Board of the scientific journal “Transportation Systems and Technology”.

Ms. Sokolova’s field of interest includes: innovation processes and their management, maglev transport, project management, 3P and concession-based infrastructure projects delivery.

Qualification upgrade:

1. Further (additional to university degree) education: International Management Institute Saint Petersburg (IMISP), MBA, 2006.

2. Qualification upgrade course “Application of 3P Mechanisms in Development of Regional and Municipal Infrastructure”, 2017.

3. Qualification upgrade course “Project Management in State Authority Bodies: Adavanced”, 2018.

4. Qualification upgrade course “Financial Modelling in 3P Based Projects: Practical Aspects”, 2018.

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