Russian Maglev turns into Cluster

On December 9th, 2016 Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS) saw signing of Provisions of the organisation of the work of the Scientific and Educational Engineering Cluster “Russian Maglev”.

The Cluster is a voluntary association of scientific and research organisations and enterprises for realisation of projects related to creation of magnetic levitation transport system in Russia. PGUPS serves as the Coordinator of the work of the Cluster and provides expert and analytical and informational support of the Cluster.

Financial sources of the Cluster will be budget allocations of the Federal budget and the budgets of the Russian Federation’s subjects, in accordance with federal, regional, institutional programmes and projects. It is also planned to attract international funding within technical support and private investors programmes.

The financing of projects of creation of cutting-edge logistical systems having commercial potential may be carried out at the expense of loan sources of funding.

According to the Head of the Scientific and Educational Centre for Innovative Development of Passengers’ Transportation (SECIDPT) Dr. Anatoly Zaitsev, the Cluster will accept all those companies engaged in development of magnetic levitation systems. These are: NIIEFA-ENERGO, LLC, JSC “Magnit” of the Company “SuperOx” and “Universal-Catenary Systems”.

“In the near time we will move on from laboratory researches to practical surveys. The results of the work will be announced during the Joint Scientific Council of JSC “RZD” and Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, – Dr. A. Zaitsev said.

Author:  Alexander Solntsev