About the Cluster

With the aim of realising the state innovative transport policy, in Saint Petersburg the Scientific and Engineering Cluster “Russian Maglev” was established. The Coordinator of the Cluster is Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS).

Mastering magnetic levitation technology is a groundbreaking step to innovative development of science and technology in Russia. Considering the country’s demand in development of its transport system corresponding to the world level in terms of sustainability, transport safety, speed, transportation economy, there is obvious necessity of creating cutting-edge transport technology .

Russia possesses sufficient scientific, technological and production potentials to create maglev technology able to meet country’s existing demand in transport system development. To realise this potential, it is necessary to carry out target researches of magnetic traction and levitation technologies, their development into complex engineering solutions, and further constant improvement.

The participants of the Cluster are representatives of the scientific society, universities and other educational institutions, project organisations, industrial, business and construction organisations, govermental bodies and public associations. Consolidation of constructive interests and efforts of all participants of the Cluster will enable creation of a real generator of magnetic levitation technologies, ensure their relevance, applicability and safety.

In 2016, in Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University (PGUPS), the open signing of the Agreement on Establishment of the Scientific and Educational Engineering Cluster “Russian Maglev” (the Cluster) took place.

The key objective of the Cluster is to create magnetic suspension transport system which would significantly surpass existing modes of transport and be used for carrying passengers and cargo. The Coordinator of the Cluster is PGUPS.

The Cluster is joined by:

The Cluster welcomes participation of both legal entities and individuals, who are eager to suggest their original ideas and projects, developed in the interests of Russia’s transport system. The work within the Cluster will enable: