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The Scientific and Educational Engineering Cluster “Russian Maglev” (hereinafter referred to as the Cluster)  is open for acceptance of scientific and research and educational organisations, enterprises, suppliers of equipment, spare parts and components, special production and services. Interaction of the participants is aimed at solving tasks in innovative transport sphere. The work of the Cluster is carried out on the basis of the Agreement on Establishment of the Cluster concluded between participants and the Coordinator of the Cluster (PGUPS).
The participants of the Cluster are organisations located in the territory of one and the same federal region, with the same scope of activities, and that have concluded the Agreement with the Coordinator.

Order of joining the Cluster

  1. The work of the Cluster is regulated by Provisions of the organisation of the work of the Scientific and Educational Engineering Cluster “Russian Maglev”.
  2. The ground for joining the Cluster is a candidate's application submitted to the Chairperson of the Board of the Cluster.
  3. A candidate is accepted into the Cluster on the basis of decision by the Board of the Cluster
  4. Acceptance of new participants into the Cluster is legalised by the Agreement signed by the Coordinator and a newly accepted organisation.

Provisions on organisation and order of joining the Cluster

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For more detailed information about the order of joining the Cluster feel free to use e-mail or feedback form.


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